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Bilqis Gown

Bilqis Gown
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Embroidered with an intricately sewn floral pattern, this dress is an excellent addition to any woman’s closet for an extra special occasion. It has the loose and airy feel that most women crave to feel comfortable and unrestricted, while at the same time exuding an atmosphere of sophistication. Pair it with a clutch, neutral accessories and voila; we’ve got ourselves a beauty queen.

Note: This gown is slimmer fitting in the upper body and sleeves compared to normal SHUKR dresses and abayas. It is equivalent to between half to one size down from your regular SHUKR size. It is designed to be worn at female-only gatherings or in front of family members.
Price: US $149.95 US $89.95

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  • Full length
  • Open Mandarin collar
  • Buttoned opening with self-fabric loops
  • Zipped cuffs for easy wudu’
  • Floral embroidered bodice
  • Flared panels on skirt
  • Imported

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"A few months a go I was looking through the SHUKR website and noticed a dress with a gown. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. After I queried if the item would be back in stock, I was told that it would be expected sometime in September. It was while I was on holiday that I received an email saying that the item was back in stock if I was still interested in purchasing it. I had forgotten about the dress but having had the email tell me that it was back in stock, I purchased it as soon as I could to avoid being disappointed again. The customer service has been second to none especially since nearly all merchants get their money and run without any second thought about customer satisfaction. The quality of the clothing is superb and the staff have been extremely helpful and prompt in replying to any email queries I have had. Jazakallah khair. May Allah grant you blessings and increased success in all that you do." S. Imtiaz

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