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Easy Care Wrap

Easy Care Wrap
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Taste the rainbow with our new collection of Easy Care hijabs. Created with a lightweight, pliable fabric with the perfect amount of stretch, these wraps are just what you need to top off your modest wardrobe this season. And don’t worry about ironing, these hijabs are meant to have some texture. Grab one in every vibrant color!
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  • 182cm * 97cm
  • Imported

Fabric and Care:
  • Polyester 60%, Rayon 38%, Elastane 2%
  • Machine wash
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Fit and Sizing:

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"I'm an Orthodox Christian woman who was introduced to your company a couple years back by a good friend from Church, and have been enjoying the clothing I bought ever since. As an Orthodox Christian woman, I am supposed to dress modestly and also to cover my head while praying. (A few of us chose to keep our heads covered most of the time, but that's rare.) So, even though I am not a Muslima and I am certain that you would find my standards of modesty hopelessly lax by Islamic standards, I very much appreciate SHUKR being there to provide high quality, stylish, and modest clothing and hijabs. As your clothing makes it easier for Muslimas to practice their faith in a culture where it is extraordinarily difficult to purchase appropriate clothing off the rack, you also make it easier for me to practice my own faith in the way that I need to, and I am very grateful for that." �I. Zamora

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