Customer Comments

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Here are some of the things customers who love SHUKR are saying:


"This company has beautiful modest clothing. I've been a SHUKR customer for years. Half of my wardrobe is your clothing line. Please keep up the awesome work and inshallah keep those beautiful garments coming!"

"The product was exactly as described and depicted. It was also very was well made. Delivery was prompt, and the customer service was excellent."

"I love SHUKR. After 6-7 years of serviceable wear, I finally had to buy clothes from them again. This length of wear and the quality put the price point at more affordable than many of the big-box discount stores even though I paid more up front."

"SHUKR is the best and the new styles are better than ever; truly modest with and a fresh style. Alhamdullilah, top quality and service."

“Salaamu Alaikum, I just want to compliment you on wonderful customer service and excellent clothes. Never before have I had a company call me when I placed an order to make sure I had ordered everything correctly and understood the return policy since it was a large order. The shipping was fast; I received my items today and they're wonderful. FINALLY, I found a company that understands that for heat and humidity I need light, breathable, natural fabrics and YES I am willing to pay a little more for the non-synthetic fabrics, quality construction, and fair-labor made clothes. I'm also excited to wear the winter clothes I got on sale for when it gets colder; they are modest but chic enough for work. Jazakhumallah khair! I hope to be shopping from you for years to come.”

"As always, SHUKR's quality, style, and service are perfect. The new summer styles are awesome, with cool but opaque fabrics, lots of garments with clever, subtle pockets, modest and elegant styles, and fresh details. You can leave your purse home for tarawih this Ramadan, dear sisters! Just pop your essentials in your pockets!"

"SHUKR is the best value in Islamic clothing. They have the highest quality fabrics and construction, with modern, modest clothing to suit all ages, figures, and styles. SHUKR clothing stands up beautifully to wear and washing. I have SHUKR pieces that are 6-7 years old that still look new."

"I love, love, love this company. They have returned to me a joy in shopping for clothes again. I feel beautiful, I'm dressed modestly, and I am comfortable."

"SHUKR just gets better all the time! They have the highest quality materials and construction in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and modest styles. I've been buying SHUKR for over 5 years, and the service is always fast, flawless, and hassle-free. They really listen to customers, and offer many styles with pockets and front openings for nursing mothers."

"I'm a pretty capable seamstress, but I could never make garments like SHUKR's for the same reasonable price, even without considering my time. The quality fabrics stand-up well to wear and laundering, and still look brand-new after years of regular wear."

"Not only do I feel confident about my clothing selection but I receive many compliments and head turns from my sisters. I especially love the clean modern statement made with the styles available."

"SHUKR has fabulous new styles with feminine touches, flattering yet modest tailoring, and beautiful colors and embroidery. Their clothes are supremely comfortable and mostly washable. Fabrics and construction are top quality. Modern, modest, and just gorgeous! SHUKR makes hijab so easy!"

"I work with a lot of religiously observant clients and think that we work better together because of the "SHUKR look." By dressing with full coverage I am saying that I respect their culture and background, and in exchange, everyone seems to be much more comfortable."

"The quality of the merchandise is what really stands out. It is rare to find something so lovingly and durably made. I rarely spend money on new clothes but the skirts from SHUKR are an excellent investment. I am supremely comfortable while getting compliments wherever I go."

"I just recently converted/reverted to Islam and I needed to buy Islamic clothing because there are no Islamic stores in my area. I will buy Islamic clothing from SHUKR from now on. I was at my local Islamic center and another woman commented on my hijab stating, "SHUKR is a good brand."

"SHUKR really listens. There are so many styles with pockets and front openings for nursing moms because customers asked for them. The colors and fabrics get updated every season, but the styles are classic and will last and look new for years to come."

"SHUKR gets a 100 out of 10 and my business again and again!"

"SHUKR is the kind of company I want to do business with. There are no sweatshops and no exploited workers, and to me, that is just as important as their wide selection of well-made clothing items."

"SHUKR has modest, stylish clothing that anyone from any religion will feel comfortable wearing."

"SHUKR sells the highest quality and most comfortable clothing I've ever worn. I'm gradually replacing most of the clothing in my closet with SHUKR clothing. I will be a SHUKR customer for many years to come."

"I always look forward to purchasing from SHUKR website. Islamically speaking, I've never looked so good. I thank Allah for this faith-based fashion website!"

"I cannot say enough good things about SHUKR. They produce uniquely designed, beautifully crafted, and modest clothing. Although I feel SHUKR is a site mainly serving Muslims, I know that modest women of other faiths love their clothing as well. It seems that SHUKR is inadvertently doing its own little part to foster understanding among faiths (at least among women interested in dressing modestly)."

"The consistency of workmanship and sizing combined with the accurate representation of beautiful garments on their website allows customers to order with confidence from this outstanding merchant."

"SHUKR clothing has high quality cut and tailoring unseen in this part of the world for many years. They also have great customer service and prompt shipping. If only every retailer had these high standards and company vision."

"As a Muslim man, I enjoy SHUKR's thobes and galabiyyas. I receive many compliments from both family members and young brothers in my community! The price you pay brings you clothing of the utmost quality and style, all the while covering your body graciously. And if you ever have a problem, customer service is superb!"

"I have ordered from SHUKR before for my son. My son especially likes their kufi's and he is still wearing one that I purchased for him 3 years ago. The quality is excellent and still looks like new. I will definitely order from them again."

"All of the items I have purchased from SHUKR are of the highest quality - in fabric, in design and particularly in construction. SHUKR is second to none. I have been sewing for two decades and I have never seen such detailed and careful construction of a garment. This is just incredible clothing and I thank Allah that He has blessed me with the ability to purchase a few pieces for my wardrobe."

"I buy from SHUKR because of their unique style and adaptation of traditional clothes towards Western tastes. SHUKR clothes are finely tailored handsome garments unlike the rest of the clothes found in the malls of the West that come poorly made. Thanks SHUKR - your clothes are the best!"

"Is there a rating higher than excellent? SHUKR is a fabulous merchant for top quality merchandise and customer service."

"I would like to recommend SHUKR to every Muslim or conservative girl. You will find everything you need there and more than that, you will be surprised how fast and accurate they are in their work. I am completely satisfied with everything I got from them."

"SHUKR has the most lovely, well-made, and highest quality Islamic clothing I’ve found anywhere. The quality fabrics and construction are well-worth the prices. The clothes are truly modest."

"My husband loves the clothing I buy from SHUKR. He says it makes me look like a queen, and wearing SHUKR I feel like one."

"SHUKR has significantly changed my wardrobe bringing me both comfort and style. In addition, the clothes are of the utmost quality and durability owing up to their claims of excellent craftsmanship and natural materials. The colours are beautiful and the styles are elegant and timeless."

"The clothing designers of SHUKR are some of the most talented I’ve seen yet; the garments are beautifully crafted with strong attention to even the smallest detail. I love the way their clothing fits, very modest, yet Western, stylish and functional."

" I am a professional working mother, whose life is active nearly seven days a week and I need something nice, elegant and Islamic to wear. SHUKR is the place to shop for these things, without a doubt. SHUKR designs are incomparable and their service is outstanding!"

"Natural fabric, plain, modest and simple. SHUKR clothing permits a woman’s inner beauty to radiate! Fabulous customer service. Fabulous workmanship. Perfect in all respects!"

"I got another great skirt from SHUKR. My daughter has been wearing it almost every day since it came. The workmanship of everything from SHUKR is top of the line and the fabrics are also very high quality. SHUKR is the best deal because everything is so well made. You can buy with confidence and know that you are getting a really top of the line product."

"SHUKR makes the highest quality modest clothing available. Everything we have bought from this merchant has been excellent in workmanship, style and quality. I have never any problem with anything and SHUKR ships quickly. Shop with confidence, everything you buy will become the most worn things in your closet."

"Your clothes make it easy for me to feel comfortable and European while dressing within the boundaries of Islam. I LOVE you guys!"

"SHUKR goes above and beyond the call of duty with their excellent customer service, and the quality of their clothes. I buy from them all the time because the clothes are so beautiful and elegant, and they are moderately priced as well. I always know that my order will reach me quickly, and if there is ever a problem--a very rare occurrence--they are immediately available to help, doing everything they can to fix the situation."

"SHUKR should be regarded as a model company because of their fair compensation for their employees, product quality, and impressive customer service."

"I find SHUKR men’s clothes to be one of the best sources for modern attire for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. SHUKR is a well crafted alternative to retail clothes from dubious third world origins. SHUKR has great customer service and care along with the ease of online shopping. SHUKR is defiantly a great contemporary style for folks with an aim to wear luxury clothing discreetly."

"SHUKR clothing is the crux of modesty, quality, and comfort. Thank you for supplying a much-needed alternative to immodest clothing."

"This is an exemplary online service. Their products are A-1 quality. Their customer service is top notch. The two times I have purchased from them the order arrived earlier than I had anticipated. My first order came with a catalog that had information about the company itself. Very wonderful ideals with this company. I look forward to many future purchases from them."

"I love the American Style mixed with Halal Standards. As an American Muslim family, it is pleasing to find a Western Muslim standard for everyone to enjoy, and I will tell my Muslim friends about SHUKR whenever they ask about our clothing."

"I just got my clothes yesterday and I am so impressed with the quality! The fabrics are lovely and the online pictures don’t do the garments justice! The stitching and detail are perfect and there are gorgeous and subtle grace notes like embroidery and overstitching. Truly premier quality garments!"

"Classy, quality, and easy to buy, who needs more? SHUKR has terrific clothes and service. They are my number one online or offline shopping choice."

"I loved the articles of clothing I purchased from SHUKR - the quality of the material, stitching, and tailoring is excellent! In fact, I was so impressed I called my sister and told her and that very same day so she could make her own purchases!"

"Thanks SHUKR for pioneering this effort in fashionable high quality Islamic clothing that I actually enjoy wearing!"

"SHUKR provides clothing that is Islamicly appropriate AND blends in with a US lifestyle. This is my absolute favorite online store!!!"

"SHUKR consistently delivers high quality products that meet my expectations. Their business ethics (outlined in their catalog) are equally remarkable. This is a good company to do business with."

"For all Muslim sisters who are tired of going store to store in the malls looking for long skirts and appropriate modest dresses, this is the place to shop. SHUKR has the most stylish collection ever!"

"SHUKR is unsurpassed on every level. I LOVE SHUKR’S WEBSITE. Believe me. I do a lot of shopping on-line, and it’s not often that you are able to see the merchandise with such detail. Few merchant offer this type of up-close scrutiny. Price-wise they are comparable to any first-class merchant"

"Although the photos on the SHUKR website are excellent, they do not do justice to the merchandise. When you receive your order you immediately notice the superiority of their craftsmanship, and the quality of their fabric. SHUKR uses the same fabric that the top designers use. Nothing I’ve ever received from them is second rate. It is truly a blessing to deal with a company that will not compromise on their workmanship."

"SHUKR ships out their orders when they receive them. I don’t have to worry about waiting for something I really want. They’re very professional. On my last order, I mistakenly recorded my sister’s address for the delivery of my merchandise, and although it was MY fault, SHUKR still refunded the shipping cost for me. I have never in my life received this type of service from an on-line merchant."

"SHUKRs customer service is always above the pack. Don’t worry about sending emails to this merchant. You’ll get a response right away. If you call them, you can actually speak to a person on the phone...and they are so pleasant! You know you’re dealing with people to enjoy their work when you can hear the smile on their face. Truly, I cannot say enough about this company, and I have not given them justice. May Allah continue to bless them and keep them on the right guidance. I only have good things to say about them."

"I always enjoy the clothing from SHUKR. The Embroidered Cotton Zipped Blouse for ladies is one of my favorites. I have ordered it in a variety of colors over the past year because I enjoy it so much. It is especially nice for warmer months because it is lightweight and airy, yet very modest. The front zipper is very convenient for nursing mothers like me and so I really appreciate it."

"SHUKR is my only source for long, modest, comfortable skirts. They are stylish, easy to wear, and very worries about leg slits and short hemlines like western store-bought skirts. I appreciate the selection of skirts from SHUKR, from dressy to casual."

"The feminine touches added to SHUKR’s women’s clothing are nice, like embroidery, pin-tucks, and lace insertion. Without being overly girly it adds a touch of feminine sophistication to their simple, classic styles. Everything I’ve purchased is excellent in quality, materials, and workmanship. I’ve never had to repair seams or hems. The website is very easy to shop and the customer service is fantastic! You can feel confident shopping with SHUKR!"

"I love this company. I love that they pray together and pay a fair wage so that workers can support their families. I love the style and modest fashion that's also superior quality. Excellent customer service."