As a six-foot-tall sister, finding clothing that hits the floor is nearly a miracle, even in mainstream clothing outlets. And when I see designs I love, I hate to miss out on wearing them. So today, I'm sharing some of my favorite tricks for wearing SHUKR dresses and jilbabs that are just a bit short on me. #1. Hem the bottom & make it a mid-calf garment. If you order a jilbab or dress, and the only thing wrong with the fit is that it's a couple of inches too short, just take it up a bit more and wear it as a tunic. Many of our tops are fairly long anyway. Like the Silk and Cotton Seema Tunic, if you only added a couple of more inches, it would be a dress on most people. If you can hem, it's easy to take things the opposite way and just put on your favorite pair of pants to match the outfit.   #2. Wear it like it is, with pants. There are many types of clothing styles on the market where the tunic part is already ankle length, and is finished off with a nice pair of matching trousers just for ankle coverage. You can do this with jilbabs and dresses easily, and you'll still look fine--especially if you choose pants and a scarf in a contrasting color. If you feel like this look is too elongating for the already tall sister, you can wear some sort of loose, decorative belt around your hips as long as it doesn't define your shape. This adds a bit of flare while still keeping things modest. Alternatively, you can add side slits to the dress to create more movement and flow, and then match it with a pair of pants. #3. Wear that jilbab like a jacket.  What we love about our outerwear is that it's multi-purpose. While you may not want to add extra layers during summer, it's practically required for autumn and winter. One of our button-down or zip-down jilbabs from the Urban Casual collection might be just the thing to wear over your latest tunic/skirt combo from SHUKR. 

Feel free to share your strategies in the comments!