We at SHUKR frequently tweet sales items, links to articles, announcements, and all around helpful information for our customers. We also follow the modest fashion scene and enjoy tweets from a variety of amazing sources. Here are 5 people on Twitter that you should be following, too: 1. Sheikh Faraz Rabbani (@FarazRabbani). A teacher at SeekersGuidance (http://www.SeekersGuidance.org) & SeekersHub (http://www.SeekersHub.org), located in Toronto, ON, Canada, he tweets news, spiritual musings, advice, and inspiration.

  2. Jana Kossaibati (@HijabStyle). A final year medical student and editor of the UK's first style guide for Muslim women, located in London, UK, she tweets about style, fashion, and the latest trends for the modern Muslimah.

  3. Zain Bhikha (@ZainBhikha). An internationally renowned nasheed artist from South Africa. Zain Bhikha's wardrobe is proudly sponsored by SHUKR Clothing. Follow him for the latest news about his music and work.

  4. Dalia Mogahed (@DMogahed). Co-author of Who Speaks for Islam? She's an American scholar of Egyptian origin. She is the Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, a non-partisan research center that provides data and analysis to reflect the views of Muslims all over the world. Follow her for informed analysis of events in the Middle East.

  5. SISTERS Magazine (@FabulousSISTERS). This is the twitter account of "[T]he magazine for fabulous Muslim women!" Follow them for inspiration, news about good causes, and stories about the things you care about.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter to follow? Let us know in the comments!