Eid is just around the corner and your holiday preparations are surely under way. We've gathered some of our favorite international dessert recipes that can be easily made and shared with your brothers and sisters on this joyous occasion. Have your kids join in on the fun, as a few of these recipes are super easy and kid-friendly. Bon appétit and Eid Mubarak from SHUKR!  


A traditional Middle Eastern dessert, this rich cookie is traditionally filled with dates or nuts. Shape by hand or with a cookie press for the most authentic look. Ready-made cookies can easily be purchased at international food stores, but homemade cookies make for thoughtful Eid gifts. mamool    

Date Truffles

These truffles are a lovely twist on traditional date cookies. Made without the rich pastry, these might be considered a lighter option. A decadent delicacy, these will surely be gobbled up by the whole family. Try this delicious sugar-free version: Chocolate Cinnamon Date Truffles. Yum! Date-Truffles    

Halal Rice Crispy treats

A childh0od favorite, this super easy recipe is sure to please kids and adults alike. Opt for a traditional version- cutting the treats into squares or add some festivity by forming them into Eid- related shapes or by adding frosting or sprinkles. Trust us- you won't be able to eat just one. Halal Rice crispy Treats    


Looking for some more nutritional value in your Eid dessert? Look no further than this traditional Bosnian recipe for stewed apples. The perfect mix of flavors will be sure to please. Easy, delicious, and fun! 62814Tufahija_Bosnian_Dessert_Recipe.jpg    

Sevai Kheer

A very tradition South Asian dessert, kheer is served year-round, but can get especially festive at Eid time.  Add a variety of fruits, nuts and toppings for a personalized flavor and look. Don't forget to top it off with some pretty garnishes. This is the perfect ending to a heavy Eid dinner. sheer kurma    

Bean Pie

A southern staple, bean pie is one of the most traditional foods of African-American Muslims. This dish is easy to make with readily-available and inexpensive ingredients. And don't just limit this deliciousness to Eid- bean pie is the perfect pick-me-up for any ocassion. bean pie    

sheep cake pops

These fun and festive Eid-themed cake pops will surely please at any Eid gathering or party. While the decoration process might not be kid friendly, your little ones will surely love eating these themed sweets. And don't forget to use this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of this auspicious holiday. sheep cake pops    

Pastelitos de Almendra 

A favorite from our last on-location photo shoot in Almeria, Spain, these cookies are light and delicious. Covered in powdered sugar, they add a festive flair to any dessert table. Served with tea or coffee, they are the perfect accompaniment. cookies