If you do not have any corduroy in your wardrobe, or are not even sure what corduroy is, you are missing our on one of the best fabrics in life. If you know this and want to change your errant ways, stop reading and just click here.

Made up of woven fibers that lie parallel, it’s essentially a form of velvet that has been through the wringer, so to speak. Casual, but not to the point of stuffiness, it’s a durable fabric that is ubiquitous with falling leaves, snowy weather and hot chocolate. The width between the woven cords is called the ‘wale’ (not whale—though that might be more interesting), and is determined by the number of ridges per inch. The lower the number of the wale, the thicker the width of the cords. This number can vary all the way from 1.5 up to 21. Now you have something to talk about at dinner parties.

If you are a true connoisseur of corduroy, you may consider joining the Corduroy Appreciation Club, “a social club which wishes to cultivate good fellowship by the advancement of Corduroy awareness, understanding, celebration and commemoration of the fabric and all related items.” It’s not just a fabric—it’s an identity.