"I want to encourage you to visit this unique and beautiful city and province that I now call my second home. Now is an especially good time since the millennium anniversary of the Nasrid dynasty in Al-Andalus was celebrated last year in Granada, Córdoba, Almeria, Jaén and Málaga. With my insider tips you can have an unforgettable experience and really get to know the city where we shot our latest collection: Un Preciado Regalo!"
-Tabassum Siddiqui, Creative Director The city of Almeria is just as enchanting today as it was in the 10th century, earning the nickname “un Preciado Regalo” or “A Precious gift from influential Andalusian poets and travelers. Its unusual, but breathtaking mix of mountains, desert, sea, rich flora and fauna, perfumed gardens, and the abundance of precious minerals and metals gave Almeria this prestigious standing. In addition, the inhabitants of Almeria during the Islamic rule in Spain were well-known for their refinement, intelligence, wealth, and talent as they produced the most exquisite and highly traded silk in all of Al-Andalus in their 800 textile workshops that dotted the province. Almeria, situated on the southeastern coast of Spain, is one of the hidden treasures of Andalucía. Eclipsed by the fame of Granada and the Alhambra, this region should not be missed. Not only is Almeria beautiful, but its historical significance predates even the earliest Islamic history. Archaeological discoveries of early inhabitants of Europe during the Chalcolithic Age were recently found in a nearby city called Los Millares. Apart from its rich history, Almeria is especially well-known for its breathtaking landscapes of sea, desert, and mountains. With Natural Park Reserves and relaxed culture, Almeria is a perfect getaway destination for friends, couples, and families with kids. Photo Aug 26, 4 17 39 PM station-212243   Within Spain: If you are already in Spain, you can reach Almeria by train on Spain's RENFE trains or catching a direct flight from Sevilla, Madrid, or Barcelona. Within Europe: You can catch direct inexpensive flights into Almeria Airport from most European cities. Outside of Europe: You'll need a connecting flight from any major Spanish airport. Air Nostrum is the regional airline that is most commonly used. "I also recommend renting a car at the airport to easily see Almeria capital and to visit the Natural Park Reserve and beaches. Goldcar has the best rates and service." Photo Aug 26, 4 18 10 PM Plaza Vieja Hotel "Just a 5 to 8 minute walk to the Alcazaba and the Tetería Almedina. A mix of modern and rustic style situated in the historic Islamic city center overlooking the Plaza Vieja and views of the Alcazaba from its rooftop terrace. " Plaza de la Constitución,5 04003 Almeria Photo Aug 26, 4 18 30 PM Tetería Al-Medina "After a visit to the Alcazaba, stop at this Tetería (teashop) about 50 meters away for a delicious halal Moroccan meal and to pray salat. The restaurant also has a masjid where our Islamic community prays jummah on the 2nd floor. Plan a visit on a Friday to meet the Spanish Muslim community here." Closed on Mondays. Open Tues.- Sun. from 1 pm.-11pm. Calle Paz,2; Almeria 697-932-911 or 629-277-827 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tetería Aloe ( also called Aloe Café y Té) "This is a unique and fantastic place to try authentic Andalucían food without worrying about eating  pork or alcohol.  Run by a vegetarian Spanish couple, their menu features delicious traditional Spanish dishes some with organic ingredients but without meat, fish, and alcohol. Their restaurant is also alcohol-free which is extremely rare in Spain. They have a wide selection of teas, fresh fruit juices and smoothies." (If you're in the historic city center, you'll need to take a taxi or drive to this restaurant from there.)" Closed on Wednesdays. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and until midnight. Avenida Madre de María Aznar,140; Almeria 950-95-16-48 Photo Aug 26, 4 18 51 PM Almeria_Alcazaba_fcm Alcazaba "During its height of prosperity, the sprawling 10th century Alcazaba in Almeria rivaled the courts of the Alhambra in Granada with its beautiful fountains, gardens, views of the sea, and much more. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access to this monument and with the Alcazaba being spread out over several levels, it requires a bit of hiking. So keep that in mind." Closed on Mondays. 1.50€ entrance fee for non-EU residents, EU residents enter for free.  El Catedral de Almeria or La Iglesia de San Juan de la Almedina About 100 meters from the Tetería Almedina or the Plaza Vieja Hotel you'll find the huge "Catedral". Built after the completion of the Mezquita in Córdoba, this was the main masjid of Almeria also known as the "Mezquita Mayor or Mezquita Aljama". The old prayer hall during that time normally had up to 9,000 people praying inside. If you are curious, you can still see the mihrab from the original masjid that remains today inside and the qibla wall. "Relatives of current community members actually found the mihrab covered by a wall in the late 1930s while remodeling the Cathedral. The fountain that was in the center of the patio used for wudu' is in the nearby Almedina neighborhood which was the historic Islamic city center of Almeria between the streets ("calles")" La Reina and Avenida ("avenue") del Mar. Plaza del Cristo de La Buena Muerte, s/n -Barrio de La Almedina 950-233-007 Muse de Almeria "This modernly designed archaeological museum will give you a great brief overview of the history of Almeria starting with the pre-historic civilizations up until to the Islamic period." Entrance fee of 1.50€ for non-EU residents, free for EU residents. Closed Mondays, Tues-Sat. 10 am. - 8:30 pm., Sundays and holidays 10 am to 5 pm. Carretera de Ronda,91 Almeria 950-100-409 75104428       Photo Aug 26, 4 19 07 PM Mar de Esencias "For the ladies, indulging in a massage is just what you need to set the tone for your vacation, to recharge, and re-calibrate. Here in this private salon an oasis of calm and tranquility awaits you. Only organic oils and products are used in their massage therapy treatments." c/Reyes Católicos, 37 Almeria Ask for Rosa; reservations are required; basic English spoken; there are no male masseuses. Cabo de Gata Natural Park Reserve Engage in some outdoor adventures in this volcanic landscape dotted with heavenly beaches and diverse wildlife, or just simply relax in the nearby towns such as San José and beaches such as the Playa Genoveses. Take your pick of activities ranging from hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling, camping, bird watching and more. "The best time to visit these natural beaches to really soak in the beautiful sounds of nature, enjoy the warm weather, swim in the bathwater-warm sea, and  have the  beach almost entirely all to yourself is from late April/early May to early June and from September to early October. From mid-June to September the beaches in Almeria especially in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park Reserve are full to maximum capacity." official tourist office: Check out Geo Gata and Deportes Medialuna  for Adventures in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park   2007-12-18-04668_Spain_Almeria_Alcazaba Check our our Video Look Book filmed in Almeria! And our Digital Catalog featuring more information about this amazing city. Enjoy! -Tabassum