Eid Al Fresco With Eid-al Fitr falling at the end of July in the height of summer, take advantage of the warm weather and longer days to bring your Eid party outdoors. From parks, to backyards, to rooftop terraces, a summer night soirèe outdoors with family and friends is the best way to celebrate the end to a glorious month of fasting and worship.  We have some great tips to make your party stress-free, fun, and beautiful.

Stress-Free hosting Potlucks are the way to go, taking the stress of cooking numerous meals and entrees off the host. If you want to cook, instead of spending hours or even days in a hot kitchen preparing, relinquish the expectations of putting on a 7-course gourmet Eid banquet dinner full of heavy foods. Instead consider creating a buffet of easy-to-prepare delicious light dishes presented beautifully that guests can serve themselves. (See our recipe section for a few ideas.) A perfect host is a relaxed host Remember your guests are coming to spend time with you. If all the preparations are not done before your guests arrive, no worries! Put your guests to work by giving early arriving guests something to do to help you finish. Have a few appetizers on hand so guests can snack as they help you or mingle with other guests. Get ready at least 1 hour before guests arrive because seeing a tired, frazzled host won't make your guests feel at ease.  And during your party, don't be tempted to wash dishes or spend the rest of the party cleaning. Spend time with your guests and enjoy the moment. Cleaning can come later.

Festive Eid tablescape If you've never set a formal table for a party, give it a try and see how it can add a beautiful ambiance to your event, even if it's just the dessert table. Use the energy of summer to inspire you. The tablescape featured here started with a bold color palette in a set of fuchsia paisley printed cotton napkins. By adding mismatched plates from Morocco with the same colors from the napkins and turquoise glasses, the look becomes cohesive. Feel free to tap into that bohemian vibe and mix and match prints and colors, but be sure to keep it chic and not visually overwhelming by working with a color palette and one piece that ties all of the décor together.

Finishing touches Don't forget the icing on the cake- flowers and lighting. These two elements create a lovely and charming atmosphere and add that elegant touch. Even just a couple of bouquets of flowers can transform a table. Tea lights, arabesque style lanterns, candelabras, and hurricane style candle holders are all beautiful options that can be used in combination with each other or alone.  If you like to decorate with "Christmas lights", try solar powered decorative lights that can be strung around your event site during the day to charge up and they will add a soft glow all evening. To see this feature, plus more tips and recipes, IMG_2138