SHUKR aims to provide modest clothing for all members of society. We try hard to produce the highest-quality, and most ethically produced clothing at competitive prices. Unfortunately, there are a few businesses who do not share our concerns for ethical business practices. The hadith of our noble Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace) is a great example to us all in the reward we receive for honesty and scrupulousness in our business dealings: Imam Tirmidhi, Dar Qutni,

Darimi and others have narrated that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, "The extremely honest, trustworthy trader will be with the prophets, great-faithed, and martyrs on the Day of Resurrection." If you find a company that is offering clothing using SHUKR images whilst the clothing is not from SHUKR, you should not be surprised if the clothing is not well-made.

After all, if the company cannot make the effort to produce nice images, why would they make the effort to produce nice clothes? These companies want to take short-cuts in every part of the manufacturing and retailing process. Although most of the unethical businesses we have seen tend to take our images and pretend to sell the same clothing, we have also come across a company that simply reproduces our designs in the same way that Armani, Zegna, Calvin Klein, and other companies have their designs copied by imitators.

We don’t know whether to be flattered or annoyed. At any rate, the copies are not very good and there are a number of serious downsides for the unfortunate person who purchases from them:  

1. There is no guarantee that you will receive your order. Many Muslimahs have placed orders, and never received anything in return, aside from heartache (see the links in the following paragraph**).

2. If you are lucky enough to receive your order, you will probably receive a garment that: a) doesn't fit properly, b) is made from cheap fabric, and c) has sub-standard sewing quality.

3. There is no guarantee of refunds or exchanges.

4. Many of these websites contain malware than can harm your computer.

5. Unethical businesses tend not to be so concerned about employee welfare and so the clothing may be manufactured in a sweatshop.


**Before making your purchase from any Islamic clothing website we recommend you click here and here for reviews from customers who purchased from Islamic clothing websites on the internet.


**   SHUKR puts an extraordinary amount of hard work behind every item of clothing in order to ensure your complete satisfaction. Each product starts in the sketch pad of our designers before it moves to the pattern cutters and the garment workers. Our quality control process ensures every garment is checked by hand and inspected thoroughly. When we photograph a SHUKR garment, we take great pains to ensure the photo matches the item in every way possible. We hire a professional photographer, appropriate models, and beautiful locations.

The photos are processed for the website by our staff. In all, the work of approximately 100 people, from sewers to designers, goes into a high quality SHUKR product. This is not so easily replicated and hence unethical companies take short-cuts in every part of the process. SHUKR quality and design innovation is only guaranteed when clothing is purchased from our site. You can identify genuine SHUKR clothing simply by looking at the label. All of our clothing features SHUKR’s distinctive label at the neck. If the garment doesn’t have our label, it isn’t SHUKR.

Here are a few sites that use our images to sell clothing, without our permission. Be warned—they do NOT sell genuine SHUKR: Please contact us if you have questions about whether or not the clothing you have seen on other sites is genuine SHUKR.