Evoke the tranquil and peaceful spirit of Ramadan by following these tips:

Read Quran by candlelight – Reading the Quran in the early morning is a highly- recommended practice, especially during Ramadan. While you might be just waking up or settling down for sleep, lighting is important. Candle light, or at least low lighting easily sets a tranquil mood, just be sure you have enough light so your eyes aren't strained! Candlelight reads evoke a sense of spirituality and peacefulness necessary for reciting and reflecting on our holy book.

Don’t forget Duaa– One of the most critical things to have during Ramadan is a Duaa list. This can be on sketched on paper, typed on your phone, or just embedded in your memory. Repeating the same duaas after prayer and throughout the day is a good practice, and encourages remembrance of the Power of Allah and the mercy of this month.

Cut out the Distractions – Checking your phone, updating social media, watching TV. These are all things that distract us on a daily basis. While you might not be able to cut these out completely, cutting down on unnecessary acts will help you focus on what is important. Instead of updating your status, make duaa. Instead of listening to music or news, recite dhikr. Instead of watching your favorite show, read Quran. Take advantage of this holy time and its abundant blessings.

Ramadan Yoga and Meditation – Try something new this year by adding some Ramadan Yoga to your schedule. Yoga is great for staying healthy and clearing your mind- just the thing we need during Ramadan. Meditation can be done after or before Fajr or Maghrib and is great for refocusing and stress relief. You don’t need anything fancy – just sit for 5 or 10 minutes and focus on your breathing, while trying to clear your mind of any worldly thoughts.

Quality of Reading over Quantity – Many people try to finish the Quran during Ramadan, but how much of us can really say we we are inspired by its beauty on a daily basis? Instead of rushing to read through the holy book, pick a few ayahs, surahs or pages to read each day. After reading, contemplate on the lessons we can learn from these inspirational words and try to use them in your life.

Schedule some Relaxation Time –The easiest way to avoid Ramadan burnout is to make time to relax. In Ramadan we are busy with our spiritual and social lives, in addition to the regular things we have to do. In your calendar, specify a short amount of time each day to do nothing. You can take a nap, or use this time to meditate or contemplate your Quranic readings from that day. Put it on your calendar as a reminder, like an actual meeting or deadline, to ensure you remember to take it easy this month. Put these tips to use and have a tranquil and blessed Ramadan!