I've recently run across some pretty outstanding faux pas involving white thobes, and just wanted to pass along my observations for the fashionably challenged among us. If you like to sport a thobe or galabiyya, here are a few tips to avoid some of the more egregious blunders I've seen lately.  

1. White thobe plus black high-top sneakers, without socks.

    Now, I know that the "sockless" look is coming back, but this is no excuse to go overboard. Besides being kind of gross, going sockless in your sneakers (made worse if they are "high-tops") just looks icky to me--especially if your chosen footwear is a throwback to 80's chic. If you're still rolling your pants, then stop reading because we simply will have to agree to disagree. If you compound this already doomed ensemble (high tops minus socks) by pairing it with a white thobe, you've stepped over the danger line. This outfit can only get worse by proceeding to combinations 2 - 4, as listed below, or pairing your favorite kufi with your new mullet.  

2. White thobe plus baseball cap.

    While this combination doesn't have the gross factor of number 1, there is just something so incongruous about it that I find it irritating. There are some blends of East and West that should not occur, and this is one of them.  

3. The uber-transparent white thobe.

  No pictures necessary for this one. The small bit of advice I have to give is that if you can see the print on your t-shirt through your thobe, it's just too transparent.  

4. The white thobe that is too tight.

  This is probably the most common faux pas I run across. If it stretches at any point over your frame, it's time to go a size up.   This garment can be done right, and when it is, it looks really sharp. If in doubt or fearful of any new combinations that strike your fancy, ask your wife. Barring that, your sister, mother, aunt, even one of your brothers shouldn't let you down and leave you to commit fashion faux pas of this magnitude. If you disagree and have a picture of yourself making these looks work, I really, really, want to see it (except numbers 3 and 4). Feel free to post it to our Facebook page and make me eat my words.