SHUKR is a conscientious Islamic clothing company, and realises that Islam encourages us to be "green". Consequently, we try to use natural fabrics as much as possible, and we really like using contemporary environmentally friendly fabrics like Lyocell. We have a full range of Lyocell denim styles and next summer we will be introducing a range of non-denim Lyocell fabrics. Then we can mention that the SHUKR team, given our concern for the environment, would like to recommend this prominent new book, which gives a new, interesting take on the subject.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, policy adviser in the New York City Mayor’s Office on issues of long-term planning and sustainability, recently authored a book addressing those issues and more, entitled "Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet." In his own words:

[It's] a one-of-a-kind narrative that shows how Islamic teachings can inspire all of us to be stewards of the Earth. Green Deen is about transforming our public, private and civic sectors. It's about bridging the innovation gap and moving all the world's citizens from entitlement to empowerment through our fundamental human connection to the environment.

“Ibrahim Abdul-Matin not only shows the myriad ways American Muslims are contributing to the resolution of the environmental crisis that threatens us all but also goes a long way toward humanizing the Muslim community by sharing with the reader the lives of so many extraordinary, talented, and visionary people.”

Imam Zaid Shakir, Zaytuna College, Berkeley, California

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