Have you ever stopped to think where your clothing comes from? Sure, There's the tag on the back "Made in [Insert country name here]. But have you ever thought about where it really comes from? Who's mind did this design come from,  who created the pattern, who sewed your sleeves on and made the button holes? SHUKR's design process starts in the mind of our Creative Director, Tabassum Siddiqui. She designs all the looks on our website and is a key component of our team. She sketches looks based on inspiration she draws from Islamic architecture, travel, and the natural world around her. Once the sketches are completed, the designs are turned into flat-lays and technical drawings for our pattern-makers .58 The pattern makers work hard with computer-aided programs to turn those sketches and designs into actual life-size patterns.  This pattern is then placed on top of the fabric, cut out, sewn up and tried on to a fit model for testing. The design is then critiqued, fixed, and analyzed until we're completely satisfied. Once all sizes are created in this manner, the design is produced. Lay-Planning The first part of production is called the "Lay Plan" making life-sized prints of all the pieces. The lay plan is then placed on top of numerous layers of fabric that are rolled out onto 25-foot long tables. The workers carefully cut the fabric, and pieces are sorted into bundles of styles, colors, and sizes. The sewers then expertly sew the fabric and pieces together. Unlike traditional factories, each factory worker at SHUKR sews a whole garment from start to finish. We believe this is a more humane, personal approach to sewing our clothing. Buttons are sewn on and garments are ironed and inspected. Only 100% perfect garments get the SHUKR label. Each garment is then checked by quality control experts and washed in our gigantic in-house washing machines to eliminate shrinkage and give a soft finish. The finished items are tagged and packed for shipment to our distribution centers and retail stores worldwide. 9 copy (533x800) All of SHUKR's clothing is designed and manufactured in-house. Our workders are treated well, paid comfortable wages and are afforded all their legal rights. We proud to be sweatshop-free. Next time you take a peek at that garment label, remember the hard work that went into making your clothing.   Pattern-Designing Check out our "Behind the Seams" video showing this process in detail