We've greatly expanded our jersey selection with these past couple of collections. This is fantastic news for everyone who would love to spend the day in sweat pants but has to dress up for work every day. Now, you can have both...(unless you are a computer programmer, in which case you don't need our help). For just a bit of background on this wrinkle-resistant, truly comfortable knit fabric, it originated on the Island of Jersey, located in the Channel Islands (now a British Crown Dependency, off the cost of France). This is not to be confused with New Jersey (though the U.S. state was named after this Island), nor Jersey Girl (a fairly unpopular Ben Affleck film taking place in that said state), but, I digress. Interestingly, it was first popularized by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 1916, which led to it being used in garments other than underwear. Thanks, Coco. A knit fabric manufactured in various incarnations since medieval times, we currently stock five different blends, each of which have a different feel and slightly different purpose.   1. Our 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester blend, like in our Jersey Cowl Neck Abaya (below). Lightweight, soft, and stretchy, it's like wearing an elegantly designed, thin knit cardigan that doubles as a dress.       2. Our Cotton 95%, Elastane 5% blend, as in the classic Jersey Selina Dresstop with Pockets (below). This thicker version of jersey has a bit more weight than the Jersey Cowl Neck Abaya, and with a finer knit. It's also really, really stretchy because of the elastane. This makes it great for those with an active lifestyle (and/or small children).         3. Our Rayon (viscose) 96%, Elastane 4% blend, like our popular Sporty Top (below). This is has a lighter weight than both the Jersey Cowl Neck Abaya and the Selina Dresstop. It has a very fine knit, and a lovely drape and flow. It's a great all-around summer top with a bit more stretch than usual.         4. Our 100% Cotton Jersey, as in the Cotton Jersey V-Neck Dress (below). This staff favorite is a medium-lightweight knit fabric with a bit less stretch than its elastane counterparts. Easy care and easy wear are the way this one goes.           5. Our Cotton 68%, Polyester 28%, and Elastane 4% blend, like in our Asymmetrical Colorblock Jersey Dress (below). Part of our new Active line of clothing for the Muslimah on the go, all three types of fabric do something useful: the cotton keeps you cool, the polyester wicks away perspiration from the body, and the elastane gives the fabric some stretchable flexibility. So, whether you live in a humid climate, have an active job, or have a 2 year-old you strive to keep up with, this fabric works with you.     If you already own one (or some) of these kinds of jersey, let us know what you think in the comments section!