One frequently asked question from SHUKR customers are whether or not we specialize in maternity and breastfeeding-friendly clothing. Although we don’t have a specific line of clothing for maternity and breast-feeding, we do carry some items that not only look great, but make your life easier, too. As someone living with a four-month-old infant, I can attest that no one works harder than a parent. Not only has your body gone through some amazing changes, but in the post-partum world, you have some pretty specific needs.

Here is a list of my favorites for this special but challenging time.


Nothing is more forgiving and soft than our Jersey Fabric.  An excellent top in this fabric is the Jersey Pleated Dress Top. Though we don’t have large amounts left of this one, it’s a keeper. From our recent arrivals, one of my favorites is the Butterfly Kaftan (below). It’s made of modal and elastane, so it’s really soft. And since it’s styled like a poncho, it’s great for layering and comes in some truly nice colors.  

Butterfly Kaftan

With regards to trousers and skirts, we have a number of items with drawstring waists and elasticized waistbands: The Double Layer Jersey Skirt, the Flared Drawstring Trousers (first picture below), the Drawstring Cuff Pants (second picture below), the Lurex Rayon Super Wide Leg Trousers.  

Flared Drawstring Trousers


Drawstring Cuff Pants

Although our clothing is, on the whole, designed to fit loosely, you may also wish to consider ordering clothing one size up for the latter stages of pregnancy. We also have a feature available on the site that is really helpful when choosing your size. On each item webpage, you will see a 'More info' tab to the right of the main image. This takes you to a garment measurements chart for that particular item, which includes length as well as half circumference measurements. Simply compare these measurements to those of an item you already own, and you should have a good idea of whether the outfit will suit you or not. 


After your baby is born, you enter a whole new world! You need tops that button down, zip down or otherwise unlatch quickly because hungry babies hate waiting. SHUKR has some nice choices for you at this stage: One of our newest is the Lyocell Denim Duster (below). Lyocell Denim is soft, flowy and durable, so it won’t be harsh on baby’s skin and it’s a practical and comfortable choice for Mom. This particular garment has metal buttons and buttons all the way down for convenience.  

Tencel Denim Duster

Another good one, perhaps for warmer weather, is the Striped Cotton Voile Bursa Tunic. It has snaps instead of buttons, making it easier to feed the little one in a timely manner. In about a month’s time, we will be restocking the Cocoon Tunic (below), which also unsnaps and opens all the way. So, watch out for it in new colors.  

Cocoon Tunic

For colder weather, try our Pocketed Knitted Cardigan (below). While warm and durable, it also is really easy to take care of--basically, it’s wash and wear. And, from personal experience, if your baby spits up just to be sociable, it can’t hurt to order it in the color Nougat.  

Pocketed Knitted Cardigan

When looking at our collection, it may be useful to consider the following: If you are pregnant, go for tops that have an empire waist. This is basically when the top gathers right under the bust rather than at the natural waistline. This way, you can buy clothes that are beautiful, modest, and will work until perhaps the very last month of pregnancy, depending on how big your little one gets. Since SHUKR clothing is naturally designed to be roomier than normal clothing, even other styles of our tops should still fit nicely through at least the first trimester.

After my son was born, because I was breastfeeding and he is a rather impatient soul, I went for clothing that is fast, easy to open, and easy to care for. This means that generally, I went for shirts that snap rather than unbutton, and chose colors that camouflaged the tell-tale signs of a slightly-too-full baby stomach—colors like Afani, Beige, Nougat, Milk, Cream, Oatmeal, Tapioca, etc. And finally, I went with durable, easy-care fabrics such as Jersey, Tencel Denim, and Modal. But, since every person’s experience of parenthood is different, and every child is unique, your needs and preferences may be different than the ones I’ve outlined here.

Please feel free to comment and let me know which garments have worked best for you!