No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow, as the saying goes and now we are finally here. But before we shun our wool jubbas and make a run for shorts and short-sleeved shirts, let’s take a look at some tips before we make a scene.

Fashions Do’s for the Spring

1. Lighten Up

After a long winter, it can be hard to kick those habits of wearing wool and corduroy. Instead of thinking twice about wearing a Wool Fez Cloak, make the switch to lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. New arrivals for the season such as the Hooded Moroccan Zaytuna Cloak and Cotton Voile Hooded Top are excellent for everyday wear.

2. Layer Lean

Just because winter is gone, doesn’t mean the layers have to go, especially if there is still a little bit of chill in the air. This requires you to go back to your fall favorites such as the Azhar Jubba or the Bampur Jacket.

3. Invest In Spring Themes

This tip can be applied all year round. Now is the time to put on some light colors such as white, green, or yellow. This isn’t a tough one, check out our our Ismail Cotton Galabiyya or the Nouman 3-4 Length Sleeve Galabiyya

Fashion Don’ts for the Spring

1. Settle For Saggy Jeans

Back in the day, having loose jeans were cool, comfortable and the right thing to do. But let’s face it, we’ve been fooling ourselves into believing that a nice pair of trousers wouldn’t be as slick as a pair of jeans. So this spring, let’s stand up and invest in some nice trousers. A great pair to have with your tops is the Sahara Trek Sunnah Pants or the Topstitched Pocket Trousers! A nice formal style that offers a slight urban edge—wear them anywhere.

2. Sticking to Socks

Although spring is certainly sandal time, most men fall short. Many of us still have a fear of cold feet and so they never let go of their socks even when they are well into spring time, and some even summer. So here's the basic rule, if you want to wear socks then wear them with some light sneakers so you still stay cool for the spring.

3. Choose the Wraparound

Unless you’re running for the Olympics, you can pretty much retire your wraparound shades. Shades, such as tortoise wayfarers and wire-rim aviators, alternatively, are so traditional they transcend time.