We received this customer comment a few days ago, and found it to be so eloquent that we asked the author's permission to reproduce it here:  
As-salaamu alaykum! I have just received my order an hour ago. Because you asked me to confirm the arrival of the parcel, I am taking now the opportunity to say a few words about the items ordered & delivered. I was so thrilled to receive my order (the first after a long period of pause on my part), to discover even the odor of the SHUKR clothes freshly come from the store! It was like rediscovering an old very dear friend! I am your customer since 2007, I have a rather huge wardrobe of SHUKR garments, and I always wear my SHUKR clothes in pure delight. They have accompanied me in a variety of situations and moments, and it's like I have developed a close relationship with them. Not a single of them is worn out, although some of them I have worn in a heavy-duty regime - but SHUKR clothes are exceptionally high quality, so they have taken all the heavy-duty so far... As you perhaps have realized, I am not a Muslim; I do have Muslim friends, and I have recommended your garments to them, but I think they did not manage to order from your site. However, apart from the garments ordered for myself, I have ordered quite a lot for friends and family. I am happy to let you know that you got excellent appreciation from everyone. You are truly unique, better than any company in the "fashion" industry. I think you are beyond fashion anyway, because your garments are more for the soul than for the body as such; your garments stimulate a sense of tranquility, balance and patriarchal times when heavens were much closer to the earth than they are now. You are a "spot of true color" in the fashion world, where everything revolves around the "need" to uncover as much as possible in the most profitable manner for the seekers of lust and opulence display. These being said, I wish to thank you once more for what you have brought into my life, and I wish to congratulate you for your unique work! May you have many, many years of blessed work from now on! I wanted to express my gratitude to you, because without you it would have been harder for me to dress according to my heart. Thank you again, and may God's Protecting Hands be always upon you all! Was-salaam, -Iuliana N.