As part of the 2013 report entitled "State of the Islamic Economy", Managing Partner of SHUKR Anas Silwood explains the challenges currently faced in the Islamic clothing market today, as well as the innovative ways SHUKR continues to provide high quality, Sharia compliant clothing to the Muslim Ummah worldwide: Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 23.09.01
How are you serving the Muslim consumer needs? How have you been able to address cultural preferences in fashion? "SHUKR was the first islamic clothing company to design and produce an innovative range of men’s and women’s clothing that combined Shariah principles for dressing with contemporary fashion. rather than just focusing on traditional abayas, jilbabs, shalwar kameezes and other styles found in the muslim world, SHUKR introduced a unique product line of women’s tops, skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, coats, sportswear and knitwear, in addition to contemporary men’s shirts, trousers, jackets and hats. SHUKR’s products were initially aimed at meeting the needs of muslim communities living in north america and in Europe where, especially after 9/11, there was a desperate need for contemporary islamic clothing that was appropriate for muslims living in the West.
Shortly after launching in Western markets, SHUKR also found a popular response to its products in traditional muslim countries as well. shukr also found that its clothing range was appreciated by members of other faith communities. many christian and Jewish women and men regularly buy SHUKR’s modest fashion styles. to this day, over 10 years later, shukr is the only comprehensive islamic clothing company that produces both women’s and men’s clothing lines and for all seasons — spring/summer, autumn/winter, ramadan/eid." Read the full interview and more by downloading the report and going to page 95 here.