Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty... (Muslim)

Modesty and beauty are two concepts that cannot coexist in Islam? We beg to differ.

There is nothing wrong with being beautiful in Islam; in fact it is encouraged, as the famous hadith quoted clearly shows. The problem is that modern ideas of beauty have been stripped of any moral or religious significance. But modesty is beauty and beauty can be found in modesty. Think of the beautifully adorned men and women one sees filling the streets of Mecca and Medina from all corners of the globe during Umra or Hajj season: men in long, dignified, thobes and shalwar kameezes, some pure white and simple, others in various colors with intricate patterns and embroidery; or women with flowy, elegant abayas and dresses, some showing the beauty of minimalism, but others showing it exists also in a myriad of colors displaying their cultural backgrounds.

Being beautiful also goes beyond this superficial beauty that many of our societies are obsessed with to the more important beauty of the inward self. Just because a Muslim brother or sister acts with humility and wears humble, modest clothing does not mean that they are hiding their beauty. No, their real beauty is evident in the light (noor) in their faces, the smiles they give to passing strangers, the kind words they share with friends and family, the dignified manner in which they present themselves. We are talking about the natural beauty that we all have been given as humans by our Creator. This beauty should not be hidden and treated as though it is something to be ashamed of, but rather embraced and appreciated appropriately.

Hold on to this idea of excellence and beauty in Islam and let it guide your actions, not only this Ramadan and Eid, but throughout the year. Encourage beautiful behavior in your families and communities- being kind, generous, and grateful. Present yourself in a dignified manner, whether you’re attending a late-night Taraweeh prayer, Salat-ul-Eid, or a holiday party. Allow your beauty to act as a tool for dawah, guiding people towards the right path. And in his sacred time of year, don’t forget to whole-heartedly embrace one of the most important beauties – the beauty of the Quran.

From our SHUKR family to yours, have a beautiful and blessed holiday season