IMG_8678 SHUKR is proud to have recently launched a new series of product videos on the website to better show our customers our products up front, in the flesh, and in all their glory! We've had such a positive response that we thought we'd share the fun we had shooting the products with our skilled team of expert photographers, videographers, editors, directors, stylists and models. If you haven't yet seen our product videos you can find them on our website here or view a selection on our youtube channel. Before the video shoot even begins, there are a number of logistical and practical steps that need to be organised by the team; all manner of accessories including hijabs, shoes and bags are collected, outfits are matched up, and the new stock to be displayed is listed, counted, ironed and finally transported to the studio. When everything is set, it's time to bring in the beautiful SHUKR models. Our models are Muslim women who have a natural talent for presenting clothes in the most natural, modest manner - not the easiest thing to find in the fashion world! We also feel that it's important to show "real-sized" women wearing our clothes so that our customers can more easily imagine the item on them, how it might drape, and what it would look like when moving in it. The shoot begins with our models getting ready, assisted by a few sisters to make sure their hijabs are perfectly tucked in, adjusting any ties or buttons and giving the item a thorough check when on. We're quite sure you could find all the colours of the rainbow in our hijab collection! IMG_8668 Whilst our models are not wearing them, the new SHUKR collection is hung on large rails to keep them clean and wrinkle-free. Matching items are also hung alongside to make changeovers smoother. Which SHUKR items can you spot here!?


Focus is then turned to the studio where the magic happens, the lighting is set, the cameras positioned, and SHUKR products are brought to life. Below shows the Pleated Tunic and Tencel Denim Flared Trousers being modelled.


SHUKR's bestselling Khalida Dress is modelled here in "Desert".


Once all the items have been videoed and photographed, the images are then handed over to our expert editing team who cut down and add in close-ups and fade-ins. The end product is finally handed over to SHUKR management to choose their favourite shots where they will be uploaded onto the SHUKR website for our customers to benefit from.

What do you think of our product videos? If you have any other questions about the process do leave a comment and we'd be happy to respond.