The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Every one of your (people) is responsible, and everyone is responsible for whatever falls under his responsibility. A man is like a shepherd of his own family, and he is responsible for them.”

In my household, above all else, my husband and I strive to raise our two young daughters to be right and good in the eyes of Allah. Even though this is much easier to say when my kids are behaving themselves, of all the things my husband and I pray for, we pray the most that our daughters grow to be kind, empathetic, and patient young women.

I remember reading an excerpt from a parenting magazine years ago that talked about how impressionable young children are and the idea of leading by example. As a mom, I try to let my daughters know that they are loved, they are heard, and they are doing a good job in hopes they will do the same to others. Here is a list of 23 things both my husband and I say most frequently to our daughters to try and foster love and kindness in their hearts.


  1. You make me proud.
  2. You are important.
  3. I believe you.
  4. I believe in you.
  5. You are so helpful.
  6. I can’t wait to hear about it.
  7. It’s okay to be curious.
  8. I love spending time with you.
  9. I want to hear what you have to say.
  10. That’s a great question.
  11. I trust you.
  12. That was a good choice.
  13. You look great.
  14. Good job.
  15. I forgive you.
  16. I appreciate you.
  17. You are very good at that!
  18. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.
  19. I love you.
  20. I’m listening.
  21. You can try again tomorrow.
  22. I am so lucky you are my daughter.
  23. That was a good choice.