Can you believe we are almost halfway through Ramadan?

Do you feel like you need an Iman boost? Before Ramadan we asked some of our SHUKR customers what Ramadan means to them and how they make the most of it. Check out these tips to refresh your intentions this spiritual season:   "Ramadan is like a reset button or a training camp. Your deeds and attitude thoughts and imaan can be renewed and strengthened.

Try to start a new habit for the year every Ramadan, and perform Itikaf as much as you can." Bint Asim M., USA   "Ramadan is a time to repent and take stock of all the shortcomings that we have done. A time when Allah matters the most and for me to get back onto the straight path." Amani S., South Africa   "Ramadan is when life slows down and I can focus on Allah, recharge for the year, and cleanse myself of sins, begging for repentance. Make great Ramadan traditions with your children, give them something to look forward to. We have been doing our Ramadan calendar yearly." Kamilah & Adil C., USA   "Eat less sleep less pray more" Ismail H., UK   "Ramadan is like an oasis in the middle of the desert, strive your best to attain forgiveness" Anon, USA   "Ramadan means coming back to the important things in your life. Sit together with family and friends and be happy" Haia K., Belgium   "Ramadan is a time of spiritual introspection. Turn off the electronics and focus on self-building." Rebecca Z., Canada   "Ramadan means a chance to re-connect with Allah, with the Quran, with dhikr.


Tips: cook less if possible, eat less if possible, be kinder to everyone." Noera A., Qatar   "Ramadan is a month of blessing. My first Ramadan was last year and I was astounded that I had never realized that this month of such abundant blessings was going on all around me. I was so grateful that I got to experience it. Insha'Allah, I will again this year. It was also a time where I got to see just how much I had made water and sleep into idols. Ramadan was certainly a month of learning to go to God first for sustenance rather than thinking I could fix it myself with some water or a little sleep."  Leigh, USA   "Ramadan is family time, peacefulness (shaytan locked up), extra prayers. Slow and steady acts of worship help maintain momentum all the way through." Ruqiyyah N., Qatar   "Ramadan is the month of Mercy, subhanAllah.


I do have a tip: If you have children, pray taraweeh in the house with them every night instead of going to the masjid. In between every 4 sets, make a halaqa from yourself, or, if they are old enough, have them research a subject, even one hadith or ayah, and share it. It changes their lives." Solace L., Lebanon   "A wonderful time of intense devotion, increasing your worship and feeling closer to Him. You make the most of it by trying to change something about yourself or your life for the good." Kawther A., UK   "Ramadan means worship & sadaqah.

Understand what is being recited in Taraweeh, find a place to volunteer sadaqah services" Munazzah S., Pakistan   "Ramadan to me is a chance to build on your Iman and make it stronger so it fails less in the next year. My tip is to remember to stay calm and positive and always remember we are doing Ramadan to please and get closer to our Rabb" Khadijah M., USA   "Ramadan is a time to practice self control to become better Muslims and better citizens on Earth." Aisha K., KSA   "Ramadan is a great time to reflect on the direction we are going and to evaluate whether we are doing our best to please Allah" Tehreem S., USA   "Ramadan is my yearly reality check.

When things seems to start becoming a routine and I forget or don't focus on the real meaning behind my prayers or dawah, etc. Ramadan wakes me up and brings me back to where I need to be. Keeping busy not only spiritually but in other activities helps me get the most out of this blessed month." Candy A., USA   "The fast is a time when the deepest part of my heart calls unto Allah for his deepest compassion, love, healing, wisdom and understanding and forgiveness. It is a time for me to be on my knees before Him and it is a time that transforms me. Every fast there is a glimpse of His unending love for me. Every fast He is gracious and answers a question or teaches me more patience. Every fast is a step in the journey to know Him more.

Every fast there is a satisfaction in my soul that I have accomplished something, that I have gotten a step closer and yet there is also the knowing that there is still so far to go." Anon,  Jordan   "Ramadan is the breath of air and sigh of relief that I have away from the difficulties of the year: my human weakness, my disconnect with Allah swt, my sadness and fear of life's tribulations and hurdles. I make the most of it by reading more and praying til my hurt bursts with all of the held-back emotion I keep inside during the day." Dianna S., USA   "Ramadan is huge treasure box I must dive into to gain as much Hasanat as I can possibly get" Sandy, Canada