Does this kufi match? What color thobe goes with my pants? These are some of the many questions that burden the average man. But "Real Men" master the art of dressing well. We must become learned individuals on the science of color coordination. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are five easy tips for the color-coordinating impaired:

1. White thobes go with everything.

When you can’t think of anything to wear in the morning, white thobes will rescue you from burdensome decision making. A white thobe works well with everything you have, especially those unique colored SHUKR pieces that you may find most confusing. Combine it with a Jubba or a Morrocan thobe; either way you’re look sharp and perfectly coordinated. A high-quality white thobe is worth its weight in gold and is sure to keep you looking good.

2. Complement bright colors with gray.

Use gray to your advantage, as it is great for taming those brightly colored items in your wardrobe. If you’ve bought that cinnamon shirt and are not looking to make a scene during Jumuah prayers, use something gray (pants, sweater or Jubba) to manage the boldness of stronger, brighter colors. Not only will you be seen as the stylish brother in the mosque, but you will be seen as cool, classic and chic.

3. Don’t wear colored pants.

What’s wrong with colored pants if you can balance it with gray? Well, no matter who you are, colored pants just don’t work if you’re trying to look like a gentleman.  The rule is that your pants should never be more attention-grabbing than your thobe or kufi. Since pants are the foundation for most outfits, they should always be neutral colors--like Switzerland.

4. Wear different colors of the same value.

“Value” represents the degree of lightness or darkness expressed in every color, so for best results all the colors should match in terms of their value. So just as an example, try to pair warm colors with warm colors, dark colors with dark colors, etc.

5. Use complementary colors.

Complementary colors are colors that are directly opposite one another on the color wheel:: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. Matching complementary colors together is a sign of a "Real Man," who is confident, a knowledgeable dresser, and knows what he is doing. --- Coordinating colors can be a tricky for a man, but it’s a lost art that we must learn to do, even if on a very basic level. InshAllah, these five simple tips above can serve as general rules of thumb to get you started. Shopping at SHUKR should be easy when you know what colors coordinate well with other. Go ahead, you can sport that Oceania Linen Blend Pleated Hat without causing a scene. ~ Basim, Marketing Manager