Most men think laying means throwing a scarf on a galabiyya and that's end of that story. But there's a way to look smarter, sophisticated and stylish, if you do layering right. It is a great way to combine your SHUKR pieces and wear something comfortable and flexible, while showcasing your sense of style. Before we can start layering, there some minor guidelines we need to follow:

Lighter Clothes First

Start layering off right with your lighter clothes first – t-shirts underneath tops so you can build an outfit. From there you can start moving up to add thicker layers.

Choose Your Layer

This is your chance to be creative when it comes to adding layers. Thicker pieces on top of your heavier pieces. But remember, if you are going to add another layer, make sure you are comfortable. With that in mind, if you can't wrap your arms around in prayer or make prostration, then your layering combination is most likely too thick and therefore, far from stylish.

Show Some Color

Don’t be afraid to try some new colors in your outfit. However, be balanced, you don't want to wear 4 layers of all black or conflicting bright colors.

~ Basim, Marketing Manager