Every once in a while, there's a garment that is just perfect; the Winter London Jubba (below) is one such item. If you're a no-frills guy who wants one piece of outerwear, this is it. No matter whether you wear it over jeans and a t-shirt, a shirt and tie, or a galabiyya, you're still going to look smart. How can you go wrong with a thin Italian wool blend that reaches the knee? In autumn, wear it over a shirt or galabiyya. In the depth of winter, layer yourself in a sweater or pullover underneath it. 


In terms of indoor clothing, the classic Hooded Moroccan Zaytuna Cloak is definitely one of our most popular items among young men. Event after event, year after year, men will come by and ask for it. The combination of hood and V-neck opening add breadth to the shoulders and chest: the look announces masculine dignity without immodesty.

This winter, SHUKR has redone it as the Italian Wool Fez Cloak (below). Wear it plain for no-nonsense comfort. Keep it in the back seat of your car and slip it on before entering the masjid on Fridays. And for a bit more formality, wear a white galabiyya underneath; only the envious will dislike it.


  ~ Moustafa, Manager, Retail Division