Above: Imam Ali Siddiqui at Manzanar Internment Camp in California on "Hiroshima-Nagasaki Remembrance Day”. He’s wearing the Aligarh Jacket . The Manzanar Pilgrimage takes place to remember the Japanese-Americans who were incarcerated by the US government during the World War II. This photo was also carried by AlJazeera.

Imam Ali Siddiqui is a peace and labor activist and an advocate for justice who is immersed in the Liberation Philosophy of Islam evident through his 35 years of community service including spiritual/educational development and service to low-wage workers, the sick, and the incarcerated. He is a recognized Friday Khatib, Islamic teacher, Muslim Chaplain, Family Counselor and youth adviser, poet, and writer, involved in the teaching of Islam, comparative religion, history and contemporary issues to Muslims and non-Muslims. He frequently delivers invocations including City Council and School Board meetings of Corona, Pomona, and Chino, CA; Democratic Party of Orange County, CA; PwJ Center; UN Association; CLUE-LA; Manzanar Pilgrimage; and UN International Day Peace.

Imam Siddiqui is one of the Founding Directors (along with the Congresswoman, Hon. Linda Sanchez) of Orange County Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice. He is also a One-Nation-for-All expert and a member of the Speakers Bureau of MSA of US & Canada.

He has been on speaking tours to Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Pakistan, and Switzerland and across the USA including the 2006 tour organized by Piedad and Latino Muslim Association to mobilize Latino Muslims across Florida. He frequently presents the Islamic perspective and a Muslim point of view on current affairs to non-Muslims and Muslims. He has been very active in organizing seminars, workshops, teach-ins, retreats and conferences to promote justice, Islamic awareness and interfaith understanding.

He has also organized special programs during the month of Indigenous People, Black History, Women, Labor and Humane Immigration, Ramadan, and Hajj in California, Indiana, Colorado, Chicago, and New York. As a Guest Lecturer, Imam Siddiqui also teaches various aspects of Islam, Islamic Civilization and Religions in America including History of Islam in America, Islamic Institutions in America at the Claremont Graduate University, School of Religion, Claremont, CA; Cal Poly University, Pomona, CA; California Baptist University, Riverside, CA; Disciple of Christ Seminary, Urban Ministry Program, Claremont, CA; University of La Verne, La Verne, CA; Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA; and Santa Rosa College, Santa Rosa, CA. He has also taught Workshop on Islam at the Denver Free University, Denver, CO.