In a new series of blog posts the girls that work at the SHUKR offices want to show you their modest fashion sense in their favourite SHUKR clothes! Ever wondered how you would match your outfit, or loved a SHUKR item but were not sure what to put with it? Take some inspiration from the girls at the SHUKR Amman office and see how they rock the modest look. Dania, who some of our customers may be familiar with in Customer Service, always gets that casual chic look bang on. She looks stylish, fashionable, casual and comfortable all at the same time - but how does she do it? With a simple, but well cut denim skirt, Dania pairs a blue patterned jacket with a pretty white under top and finished the look off with a neutral, muted tone hijab to pull the look together. The trick is to pick similar colours with contrasting highlights - and remember not to be too matchy! Picking everything in one ore two colours looks forced, instead blend in some neutral tones and contrasting shades. Look fashionable and modest is easier than you think!   Dania