In the second installment, Nirmeen is showcasing her SHUKR fashion sense in her Chili Pepper SHUKR Tied Cardigan!

Nirmeen, as our customer's may know, works as SHUKR's customer service team lead. Here she has paired a floral hijab with red accents to match her statement cardigan, matching it with a simple white t-shirt, black maxi-skirt and patent shoes, creating a laid back smart-casual look that will serve her from dawn til dusk!

The great thing about buying your cardigans from an Islamic clothing company like SHUKR is knowing that you won't need to be tugging it down all day for the length you need, won't feel uncomfortable that is too tight or revealing, or worried that the fabric is too see through or transparent.

With a cute flared cut and fashionable waist tie, you can feel confident knowing you're covered in fashionable and modern clothes, while still maintaining your Islamic principles of modesty. Cardigans are also some of the most versatile items Muslim women can invest in, serving all sorts of functions and being dressed up and down as necessary.

Try it out for yourself! Match a SHUKR cardigan with one of our long maxi-skirts for ultimate modest chic, creating long flowing lines in different fabrics and textures. Match bold reds like Nirmeen with neutral black or white, or combine with other items you have to bring out the colour. Perfect for layering as well, SHUKR's cardigans are great for the upcoming Autumn and Winter.


SHUKR's Tied Cardigan is now on sale! Grab yours here before they sell out.