by Tabassum Siddiqui, Head Designer


                     “Feliz Eid Saïd” card designed by Sr. Gemma Ballesteros from Gemma Creativa

Ramadan and Eid-ul Fitr for me are hands down my two  most favorite holidays and I like to make a BIG deal about them: no one better mess with my Ramadan and Eid, seriously!  I owe my love of these two holidays to my parents. When my sisters and I were kids, they put a lot of effort into making our Eids very special, and Ramadan as well. I used to love going outside with my father to look for the crescent to know when Ramadan would start. It would be such an exciting moment for us because it was as if something magical had begun. To this day, I still continue to enjoy this ritual. I also remember not being able to sleep the night before Eid, knowing that on Eid morning there would be this huge spread of Eid gifts in front of our fireplace beautifully and carefully wrapped.  Now that I’m an adult, I take joy in continuing these traditions and rituals whilst creating my own. I pull out all the stops and get very traditional with decorations, gifts, and making special edible treats. Suffice it to say, I get in way over my head, but I love every minute of it. You have no idea how excited I was when I put up our solar powered Eid lights this year! My husband is quite amused with all of my creative decorating ideas and understands how important it is for me, just as long as I don’t make the house look as lit up as Las Vegas ! One tradition I got back into doing this year is sending out Eid cards. I love the idea of personally hand writing a heartfelt message to all of my family and close friends and physically sending it through the mail. Even in our age of emails, texts, Skype, and Google chats, that warm and tender feeling I get in my heart when the postman drops off a card or a letter from my family or friends or a CARE package from my Mama or sisters. I think we can all agree that those things are so much more cherished these days just because they’re so rare, much more sentimental than receiving a 30 second text from your spouse written in code, even if it does say:  MDW JTLYK ISLY XOXO :) Though don't get me wrong, a sweet text from my husband from time to time is really nice. However, finding Eid cards this year that weren't cheesy or tacky was almost impossible. In all honesty I could have  found a needle in a haystack before I found a decent Eid card. I really thought that by now Muslims would have dominated this market with blogs chock full of ideas, and companies creating everything a Muslim could possibly need to celebrate our Islamic holidays. Alas, it was not so! Luckily, I happened to be catching up with a graphic designer friend of mine here in Spain, Sr. Gemma Ballesteros and she had launched a line of whimsical, modern Eid cards. Perfect!! The inspiration behind her line came from her love for receiving and displaying her Christmas cards during Christmas. Now that she is Muslim, she wanted to re-create that tradition and make Eid cards that are also in Spanish. I immediately fell in love with her cards and I loved the idea of having Eid cards in Spanish to show the rich cultural diversity of our Ummah.

Untitled1 “Feliz Eid Mezquita” (in Coral) card designed by Sr. Gemma Ballesteros from Gemma Creativa

During my month long tedious search for the perfect Eid card, I also came across some beautiful, cleanly designed modern Eid cards from In My Studio designed by Sr. Iva Izman, an Interior Designer from Australia that I will definitely be bookmarking for next year. Her website also has some great ideas for Eid decorations and celebrations. I wish you all a wonderful, fun-filled day of Eid. I pray that Allah (swt) has accepted all of our du’as, fasts, and good deeds in this glorious and beautiful month of Ramadan and that He may bless us with many, many more opportunities to experience Ramadan, insha’Allah (Ameen). 3

Eid card pack designed by Sr. Iva Izman from In My Studio


             Eid card pack designed by Sr. Iva Izman from In My Studio

What Eid traditions do you and your family have? Have you started a new tradition this year? Share your ideas and comments below so that we all can get inspired! Did you like this? Then please share it with your family and friends.