Shopping online can often be confusing. With only a picture to look at and a size guide to judge by, you can often be left feeling unsure about how your purchase is going to turn out; what will the fabric feel like? Will the colour be the same? Will it fit me right? In a quest to quell your fears of online shopping, I've decided to review some of our products to tell you what the website doesn't, and answer some of the questions you may have about our popular products. Today we're going to take a look at the Seema Tunic that can be purchased from our website here: wb9054-sea_pine-large-largesw_org *Please note that the colour of the item in the following photos is not a true representation of its real colour. For a more accurate colour representation, please refer to our website photos.* Here is what it looks like fresh out of the package!


First Impressions The first thing that struck me before I even tried it on was how smooth, soft and weightless the fabric is - very luxurious. This is definitely the kind of tunic you want to be wearing in summer. The fabric quality is superb. Colour The colour in the photos here really doesn't do it justice, the colour is much closer to the photo on our website, perhaps a little greener. The colour description "sea pine" is very accurate, I would say it's exactly what you would expect from a "sea green". Details

The beauty of this item is in its simplicity. The delicate looped buttons and side slits really complete the fuss-free, understated style. The buttons are secure, but easily un-done.

photo 3

[Looped button holes]

photo 2

[Side slits]

Fit Now, I'm fairly tall at 173cm (5ft 8in) but this Tunic would still be considered a "long" item on me, hitting a tad above mid calf. Generally I wear a UK size 12 (US size 8) and this Medium size SHUKR tunic fitted very modestly: it was loose and draped well, not revealing the body shape at all. The side slits of this design also ensure extra modesty by allowing extra movement whilst staying loose and free flowing. Anything else? When first looking at the picture of this item I wondered what the collar would look like and how it would fit when on. Personally I don't usually wear high necked garments with the hijab tucked in (as in the website photos), rather, I prefer to drape the scarf over the chest a little or fix the scarf under the top with a few buttons open. To my surprise, this is also possible with the Seema Tunic too. photo 4

photo 5

All in all I would say this is the staple piece for any wardrobe. Simple but stylish, the Seema tunic is the ideal top for the warmer weather and is sure to keep you comfortable and covered. You'll love the softness of the fabric, the loose cute and the simple style!