Colorblocking, Petals, and Losing Yourself on an Idyllic Beach

I get asked a lot,” Where do you get your inspiration from?” So I thought that I would start a regular series of blog posts that let’s you peek inside my design process and see how our collections come together starting with the ideas behind them. As a creative, my radar is always on whether I like it or not. It seems like I can find inspiration in even the most mundane things that most people tend to overlook like the delicate layering of tulip petals, or the impact certain colors have when they are paired next to each other, or imagining what it would be like to lose oneself on a pristine beach in Malaysia for one summer. Okay, maybe that last idea isn't so mundane, but you get the point. As you can see, a lot of times the collections I do for SHUKR aren't based upon one concrete theme or themes exclusively related to fashion. It’s usually a combination of several themes and ideas that all have one underlying subtle thread that connects them together. Sometimes I have an inspiration for one collection that I liked so much that I will further develop the concept over many collections. And there were other times I saw one photo, just one photo and that inspired an entire collection! Pretty powerful, huh? Take a look at the inspiration for our Spring Summer 2013 collection for women: SS13 Collection Inspiration Here’s what inspired me for the men’s collection: SS13 Collection Inspiration for men Have you checked out our new collection? What do you think about it? Please post your comments below because the best stuff always happens in the comments section. Also if you liked this post, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our blog.

~ Tabassum Siddiqui, Head Designer