It’s November and chances are if you live in the US, Canada, or UK, the weather is all over the place. Everyone knows that during this time layers are your best friend, but who wants to live in the same sweater all season long? Well, I do. But unfortunately, my oversized faded blue New York Yankees pullover hoodie is not exactly a “wear on all occasions” piece. So, ladies, I present to you my ultimate guide to layering. Don’t worry. We aren’t talking the fashionista 6 layers of itchy sweaty style guides from the back cover of your favorite magazine layering. We are talking functional layering for all occasions. Cozy, easy, take it off, put it on, go grocery shopping, go to the mosque, go to your cousins, “Winter wonderland themed wedding” layering. So if you’re like me and just want to curl up in cozy ball of knit and oversized fabric all season long, keep reading.


Style 1. The Old Sweatshirt

A personal favorite, but not a wear everywhere. This sweatshirt and modest sweatpants combo pair perfectly with your favorite solid scarf and pair of boots. A go to for around the house or running casual errands, feel ultra comfy wherever you go.


Style 2. The Old Sweatshirt, Cute Edition

A little bit of an upgrade from “The Old Sweatshirt” featuring a maxi skirt and some more trendy layers. With a cardigan and a patterned hijab, feel confident you look casual chic whether you're at school or out with friends.


Style 3. The “I wish I could go to work in my pajamas, but this is the next best thing.”

Super cute and surprisingly comfy, casual abayas are going to be your best friend this season. If you want to feel as if you're wrapped in a blanket, pair your favorite abaya with a poncho cardigan and some flats for a trendy and put together style.


Style 4. The “Help, I’ve been invited to someone’s bridal shower.”

It's cold, but you need to look semi formal. What do you do? Wear this! Grab your favorite embroidered gown or abaya and pair with a patterned hijab, cute coat, and matching cardigan. Try matching some of the colors in your patterned hijab with your cardigan for a stylish look sure to wow.


Style 5. The “I have a formal event and it’s cold.”

It's time to break out your best coat and put on some heels that won't give you blisters, you have an event to be at! Pair your favorite gown with a ombre hijab and a matching faux fur wrap for a stunning look you won't look forward to going home and taking off.


Happy Fall!