So, I have this particular tunic I really like and wear a lot (not SHUKR, unfortunately), and I made the terrible mistake of washing it normally when the only tag I found on it clearly states, "dry clean only." Whoops. It pilled terribly, of course.   


  After gnashing my teeth for a while, and wearing it a couple of times, it started to get to me. I couldn't take wearing a tunic that looked like it had been washed 1,000 the '80s. In desperation, I turned to Google. I was looking for a cheap, easy, and quick solution. Shopping around for a clothes shaver really isn't an option when you live in Jordan. One intrepid soul on a blog suggested just shaving the thing with a Bic Twinblade razor.  

Necessity is the mother of quick and dirty fixes.

Although some advice suggested not to actually "shave" your clothing with a razor (you may snag or cut the fabric), the cost-benefit analyst in me said, "if it's a choice between potentially snagging the shirt (status quo situation of unwearability) or not wearing the shirt due to pilling, it's worth a try." So, I took the gamble:  

Photo credit: The Burlap Bag. Result: complete awesomeness.

  There it is. I was stunned for almost an entire day that it actually worked, and that Armageddon had not yet come because I hadn't used a professional electric clothes shaver. Success...mostly. It doesn't look like new, but it's pretty good...wearable, anyway. Have any of you ever tried this? What are your quick and dirty methods of clothing repair?