Un Preciado Regalo Ramadan-Eid collection 2014 Join SHUKR this Ramadan as we introduce you to our new collection in the awe-inspiring Alcazaba. This historic Islamic Fortress is located in Almeria in the south of Spain, one of the most important regions of Al-Andalus. This ancient city was inhabited by many civilizations prior to taking on the name Madīnat al-Mariyya (Almeria, today), and was described by many Andalusian geographers, historians, and prolific travelers as, "un preciado regalo" or a precious gift. With its position along the coast of the brilliant Mediterranean sea, it’s no surprise Almeria was a great and important ‘Ummayad port city where travelers from the West and East gathered. Just like Almeria, the holy month of Ramadan is a precious gift to Muslims around the world. This is a time ordained and given to us to fast, pray, and reflect; a time where we remember what is important and try to avoid the negative things in our lives.  While our Creator’s blessings are ever-abundant, we are graced with more mercy and forgiveness during this month. Like a gift, Ramadan is something we should appreciate, cherish, and show thanks for. Our new collection, Un Preciado Regalo, allows you to relish this season in dignified comfort. Breathable fabrics, rich colors, and breezy cuts ensure you capture the tranquil and peaceful spirit of Ramadan with ease and gracefulness. The versatile pieces easily combine to create clean, fluid looks which work effortlessly for Ramadan and Eid. [gallery ids="2842,2841,2840,2839,2838,2837"]   Keep an eye out on our Blog for more information about the collection and the location - a travel guide, recipes, style tips and much more! And join our Mailing list to receive the digital magazine featuring our whole new collection. We hope you enjoy Un Preciado Regalo, and have a very blessed Ramadan.