Here at SHUKR, we are proud to be  industry leaders in ethical production. Unlike most companies, we control all stages of the design and manufacturing process at our in-house facilities– from design to pattern-making, to sewing, to finishing and packing - and this allows us to make sure that our workers are paid a living wage and that their rights are scrupulously observed. Not only is SHUKR completely sweatshop-free, but our workers are all considered and treated as part of a big family. We eat together, pray together, and spend time outside of work hours in social and religious gatherings. Despite our emphasis on ethical production and high standards of fabric and sewing quality, we still manage to keep our retail prices similar to large, mainstream companies like Gap and Zara.

The clothing industry, however, is generally well-known for its exploitative labor practices. This is especially the case for low-price budget retailers.

Retailers such as Primark (UK) and Alexander Wang (USA) have very recently had to answer accusations of worker exploitation, and despite many efforts at exposing companies who either condone or overlook the practice, many retailers have just gotten better at hiding the problem.