Welcome to SHUKR’s online Islamic and modest clothing store, the premier destination for high quality, contemporary Islamic fashion. SHUKR’s Islamic clothing is ethically produced in sweatshop-free premises. Our women’s Islamic fashion range features abayas, maxi dresses, hijabs, jilbabs, tunics, wide-leg trousers and maxi skirts; our men’s Islamic clothing includes thobes, jubbas, kufi’s and long shirts.

  • Ramadan Ready

    Our newest arrivals were made with Ramadan in mind- light fabrics, loose fits, and the most comfortable styles you can imagine.

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    Embroidered Abaya and Prayer Set
  • Sparkle this Season!

    Festive gowns are the perfect way to step up your look this month. It’s never to early to celebrate!

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    Zanubiya Gown
  • Wear to Impress

    Dress to impress with our men's collection. Featuring dashing thobes, clean cut tops, and finely Embroidered hats.

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    Nazari Twine Embroidered Thobe
  • Vibrant and Versatile

    Amp up your everyday wardrobe with bright colors and bold cuts.

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    Qindeel Tunic
  • Gowns for Ramadan

    Whether you are attending a special iftar or just want to feel fancy, we have a dress for you.

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    Habiba Dress
  • Comfortable and Cool

    Our dresses made from lightweight fabrics with flowing skirts and generous cuts are made to flatter sisters of all shapes and sizes.

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    Cool Jersey Manisha Dress
  • Everyday Dresses

    For a full range of movement, chic style, and a flowing fit, keep moving in one of our versatile, gorgeous dresses.

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    Thameena Dress
  • Special Occasion Gowns Gowns

    The ultimate in Islamic clothing: special occasion gowns. Nothing says modest fashion better.

  • Women's Tops Tops

    Long tunics, tops, and blouses. All beautiful and ready to wear for modest-dressers on the go.

  • Abayas and Dresses Abayas & Dresses

    The SHUKR Abaya: a must-have item for every Muslim woman's wardrobe.

  • Jilbabs and Coats Jilbabs & Coats

    Classic cuts and silhouettes let you layer in style with SHUKR’s Jilbabs and modest outerwear.

  • Long Skirts Skirts

    Long Skirts are a SHUKR classic, and we’ve got them for every occasion.

  • Shawl Wraps Hijabs

    A hijab for every occasion! Keep covered in style with a wide range of elegant scarves and wraps.

  • Modest Sportswear Sportswear

    Move with modesty in SHUKR's sportswear. The perfect fabrics and fits for your active lifestyle.

  • Women's Trousers Pants

    Stylish, comfortable, practical: SHUKR’s loose pants are cut with your modesty in mind.

  • Kufis Kufis

    Top off your look with our exclusive range of quality Kufis, Islamic hats, and men's caps.

  • men's tops Men's Tops

    SHUKR's collection of modest tops and shirts are designed for the modern Muslim man.

  • Thobes Thobes

    Natural fabrics and contemporary details create SHUKR’s twist on the traditional men's thobe

  • Jubbas Jubbas

    Islamic outerwear at its best: Distinguished jubbas in a variety of classic designs.