The Standard Wholesale Program

About Us

SHUKR is an Islamic clothing company dedicated to putting faith in fashion. Launched in 2001, SHUKR was the first company to provide contemporary modest clothing which meets the aesthetic and cultural needs of a new generation of Muslims.

SHUKR aspires to be a model Islamic business, by applying sacred Islamic values to a contemporary, multinational company. We follow fair trade and ethical labor practices, pursue a path of perfection by producing clothing of the highest standards, and apply Islamic financial and investment principles, avoiding interest-based financing.

SHUKR has regular seasonal clearance sales, during which our merchandise is heavily discounted. Please keep these sale periods in mind, as they might affect your pricing strategy.

Anticipated Sales for 2017:
Spring Sale: 15th April - 15th May
After-Eid Sale: 24th June – 24th July 
Winter End-of-Season Sale: 26th December-31st January 2018

These are only expected sale dates and they could change without prior notice. In addition, SHUKR occasionally has smaller-scale promotions and sales, and regularly provides discounts and coupons to our retail customers.


Wholesale Ordering Made Easy

  • Minimum order of just $1,950 US Dollars
  • Choose any combination of style, sizes, and colors from any style on this website
  • Get 45% off the website price on orders over $1,950 USD
  • Get 50% off the website price on orders over $4,950 USD
  • Get 55% off the website price on orders over $9,950 USD
  • Get 60% off the website price on orders over $19,950 USD

Please note that you will initially receive a 50% discount when placing your order. If your order is above $9,950 the 55% - 60% discount will be applied manually to your invoice value after you place your order.

Please note that wholesale orders are not eligible for special retail quantity discounts or promotional sales.

Shipping & Quick Delivery

We ship wholesale orders to most destinations (with rare exceptions) in the world from our warehouse in Amman, Jordan.

Wholesale customers are charged a basic shipping and handling fee equivalent to a minimum of 9% of the order value. If the shipping costs charged by our courier (DHL) are more than 9% of the order value then the extra cost will be paid by the customer.

You will initially be charged a fixed $175 shipping and handling fee when placing your order. Then, once we have confirmed the total shipping cost with our courier, we will invoice you for the remainder of the shipping charge.

Please note that wholesale orders require 5 working days to be processed once proof of payment has been sent.

Quick delivery direct to your door (arrives within 5 days). Note: We send shipments via DHL. Once your shipment arrives in your country, you may be required to clear the goods with your government's customs department. If your customs department charges any customs duties or other taxes, you will have to pay these charges.

Ordering Process

Go to the SHUKR wholesale website: and login to your account. If you do not have a wholesale account, you can create one on the Wholesale website. Please note that you must be signed into your account to see the wholesale prices and proceed with your order.

Step 1

Simply choose any items you like from the site and add them to your shopping bag. We have made it easy for you to select multiple sizes and colors of each item. Then check out and choose your preferred method of payment. Please note that if a style is out of stock in particular colors or sizes then it cannot be ordered.

Step 2

Once we receive your order, we will send you the updated invoice and payment details.

Step 3

Once payment has been received and the order is ready for dispatch, we will ship your order and send you the DHL or TNT tracking number so that you may track your order’s progress.

Size Charts

SHUKR has easy-to-use Size Charts for men and women. Your retail customers should refer to these in order to understand which size they should buy for themselves.

Customers should also realize that because Islamic clothing fully covers the body, with many full length and full sleeved items, one’s height plays an important role in selecting which size garment to order.

Terms & Conditions:

Formation of the Contract
1) The offer in this sale occurs when SHUKR sends the buyer their order invoice.

2) The acceptance of this offer occurs when SHUKR receives the payment for the order from the buyer.

Bindingness of the Contract
3) The contract is binding once the offer and acceptance have taken place. Prior to the offer and acceptance both SHUKR and the buyer can withdraw from the sale.

4) 100% payment is made by the buyer for the order invoice, with no delayed payments. Payment is made by bank transfer or Western Union only. Bank transfers are sent to SHUKR’s head office bank account in Amman, Jordan. Bank costs incurred in the transfers are paid for by the buyer.

5) Wholesale orders are sold FCA – Free Carrier (Seller’s Premises). The goods are prepared and delivered from our premises, and ownership and responsibility for the goods are passed on to the customer once the carrier / delivery company collects the goods from us. We can arrange the delivery of your order or you can arrange the delivery of your order. In both cases please be aware that any lost, stolen, or incorrectly delivered orders are not our responsibility and you will not be refunded on those orders. Click here for details.

6) SHUKR’s courier delivers the good to the buyer's door. In some instances, the buyer may be required to clear the goods with his / her government's customs department and so should be aware of any relevant government regulations. Any customs duties or taxes are paid for by the buyer. If the buyer fails, for any reason, to clear the goods with their government’s customs department and the goods are returned to SHUKR then the buyer is responsible for all shipping fees incurred and any customs fees SHUKR incurs when re-importing the goods.

7) No returns are allowed, except in rare cases of defective merchandise (non-conformity of goods).

Conformity of the goods
8) SHUKR will deliver goods which are of the quantity, quality, and description, as stated at the time of purchase.

9) The buyer should examine the goods immediately upon receipt to check that the goods conform to the invoice and should notify SHUKR if any lack of conformity exists within 3 days of receipt of the goods.

10) Those goods which do not conform to the invoice, and as such have to be substituted, are the property of SHUKR and the buyer will make all necessary arrangements in order to ensure that the products are returned to SHUKR. The expense of this return will be borne by SHUKR.


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